Increase Your Sales By Up To 10X Using Our Smart Follow Up In Your Marketing...

This is how the Internet Marketing Business Lab Can Help Your Business Get MORE Business:

Combine all of your follow up marketing all on a single platform.
Identify what online marketing efforts are actually working for your business and eliminate the rest.
Organize all of your contacts in one single, easy to understand, dashboard.
Control your online reputation by encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews of your products and services. 

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Includes Everything You Need To Sell Your
Products & Services Online

This is how we help the businesses we work with:

Track Your Sales Activity

We will put in a robust system that allows you to see exactly where all of your leads are in your entire sales process from opt-in to purchase.

Follow Up Systems

Businesses can no longer rely on just email to market to their prospects and clients. They need to reach their customers on platform they use such as text, phone, and messenger.

Integrated Checkouts

We build in a checkout page right inside your platform that allows you to offer up-sells and down sells all without leaving your website.

Advertisement Management

Never be in the dark as to which ads are working in your marketing and which are simply costing you money with little or zero return on investment. You'll know exactly how much of an ROI each one of your ads is worth. 

Built In Chat Widget

We will install an interactive chat widget right on your website that will not only provide a great way for your customers to get the questions answered but also a great way to build your marketing list. 

Built In CRM

Customer relationship management use to be difficult to integrate with any online system now it's built right into the entire system so you can automatically assign new customers to anyone on your team and much more. 

Our System Contains Over 75 Built In Tools To Allow You To Run
Your Entire Business From One Single Platform!

Managing and following-up with leads has never been so easy. 

Put the brakes on losing valuable sales and start profiting from this smart system that will become your new best friend when it comes to business.

Constantly stay informed about your prospect's decision progress and know exactly how much revenue you're making at each moment of the day.
We'll take care of all of your marketing needs.

You'll be able to identify which channels are bringing in the most traffic using data insights so you can fine tune your marketing for maximum results.

Know exactly where your prospects are in your sales pipeline at all times.
Capture more sales - up to 80%!
Close deals faster and with less work.
Our system does it for you.
 Get a clear insight into what marketing channels are working for your business.
 Save time and energy on tedious follow-up tasks.
Know much revenue you're bringing in at any given moment and what your future sales may look like.
Increase your conversion rate by following up with leads faster.

We Build The Entire System Out For You.

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Our 3 Step Process Works With Any Business:

Improve Your Website

We look at the most important factors that effect website conversions and apply them to your website. These may include adding video, improving your website layout and adding chat widgets.

Get More Leads

We put in place additional methods of getting new leads into your marketing system including, chat widgets, Facebook replies and much more so you can build a larger prospect list to market to.

Get more Sales

We will install a robust followup system that will engage your prospect exactly where they are in the buying cycle so you will have a 10X better chance that they will become a new customer.

You're A Busy Person So Automation Is THE KEY!

This system allows you to focus on your business and not your marketing. Each and every prospect that enters your sales funnel will be placed in an automated followup system and once they are ready to buy, then and only then will you be notified. Many times the sale can be made without you even getting involved in the process depending on what type of business you run. 

How Long Does It Take To Build Out My Marketing System?

Generally your new marketing system will be up and running in just 5-7 business days depending on a number of factors such as if your website needs a redesign. 

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

YES! Unlike many agencies we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the system we build for you does not increase your sales within 90 days your entire setup fee will be refunded.

Will This Work For My Business?

As long as you have a track record of previous sales, sell something of value and your product/service is needed in the market then YES this will work for your business. 

I Already Have A Website Built, Will This Work With An Existing Website? 

YES! Our system can "plug" into any existing website no matter what platform it was built on. 


You have absolutely nothing to lose by booking an appointment today. There is absolutely no obligation and if we find we are not a good fit then we'll simply part as friends. If you do nothing your sales will be exactly the same as they were last month and the month before. Simply have a conversation with us and see how we can help you get more sales into your business starting right away. 

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Internet Marketing Business Lab will help your business get more sales by automating your entire marketing process all the way to the checkout. Schedule an appointment today and see how we can help your business increase your prospects and sales.

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